Our Farm

Our produce is sourced locally where possible, and a lot of the meat used comes from our very own farm, nestled in the hills surrounding Dulverton.

Our Animals

Owner Paddy Groves works hard to ensure that his animals are well-fed, get good exercise and are happy. They are the happiest free-range farm-animals around, meaning that you get an authentically local and high-quality dining experience. All of our in-house pork and lamb comes from our farm, while our beef is sourced from a long-term local butcher.

“Good quality of life equals good quality of meat. And high quality meat partners perfectly with fine and high quality wine” – Paddy Groves

When Paddy and his partner Sally aren’t in Woods, you’ll find them up at the farm tending to their animals to ensure that they are healthy and happy.

The Care

Paddy and his partner Sally are big believers in free-range farming and they believe that it’s important to know where your food comes from and that it has been well looked after. They work hard to ensure that all their animals get the care that they need. From open fields and plenty of food through to medical attention and proper care, our animals really are as happy as animals can be.

That’s why Woods Bar and Restaurant serves such authentically local food. They want you to get the true taste of the English countryside.

Stay On The Farm

Did you know you can stay on the farm in Dulverton? We have two bunk barns at Northcombe, one that sleeps up to 16 people and the other can sleep up to 28 people.